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90 Gallon Double Reservoir Fast Fill Water Trough



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100 Gallon Oval Fast Fill Water Trough

The 100 gallon (450L) premium water trough has shiny black colour with a yellow, easy-to-access service lid. The trough is fitted with a fast-fill float valve which comes with a 3/4 inch connection and is capable of delivering up to 175L/min (3 bar pressure).


  • Fitted with a fast flow float valve (up to 175L/min @ 3 bar pressure).
  • Valve protected within a plastic compartment with easy access for servicing.
  • Manufactured from frost resistant polyethylene.
  • Extra plastic for greater strength and durability.
  • Fitted with a drain off for easy emptying and cleaning.
  • Design limits badger access.


  • Provide your livestock with fresh, clean and easy accessible water drinking water.
  • Will withstand extreme climate conditions ensuring long life span.
  • Easy to handle, transport & move.
  • Fully adjustable & accessible valves that comply with water safety regulations.
  • Stable in UV light and easy to clean.


  • A concrete or hardcore standing should be laid not less than 2m wide around the trough to prevent poaching


Capacity 450L / 100gal
Dimensions 1550 x 990 x 685mm


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90 Gallon Double Reservoir Fast Fill Water Trough

90 Gallon Double Reservoir Fast Fill Water Trough