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HEAVY DUTY Transport "TIPPING" box - 4ft


England/Wales: £120.00
Scotland: £168.00
Highlands: £216.00

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General purpose box for a multitude of duties around today's farm or park. Solid construction of reinforced steel plate with heavy duty tipping hitch mechanism. 

The extra reinforcements to the item is :-

  • Two additional rear bracing's
  • Two underside bracing's
  • Front nose plate bracing

  4ft tipping box specs 5ft tipping box specs 6ft tipping box specs
Weight 125kg 1350kg 241kg
Width 1260mm 1510mm 1830mm              
Height 510mm 510mm 510mm
Depth 780mm    
Capacity .42 cum.m .51cu.m .61 cu.m
Max hp 50hp 60hp 90hp
Body material 3mm 3mm 5mm
Lift pin cat 1 cat 1 cat 2


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HEAVY DUTY Transport "TIPPING" box - 4ft

HEAVY DUTY Transport "TIPPING" box - 4ft