ATV Plastic bodied trailer SCH-QPTP


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ATV Plastic bodied trailer SCH-QPTP

Production time on this item is approx 4 weeks

ATV Plastic Bodied Trailer running on wide profile wheels (20.10 x 8) mounted on ball bearing hubs. These specially mounted wide wheels are a must when operating in soft ground condition or across unfriendly terrain. The sturdy metal chassis gives superb support to the underside of the rot proof trailer body. A manual handle is fitted as standard to assist in manoeuvring the trailer when used away from the towing vehicle ( or for hand reversing for those of us who find reversing the tractor or quad impossible ). Fitted with ball hitch as standard.

Colour options

  • The trailer can be supplied in Gloss Black, Silver or Dark Green colour
  • Please use the drop-down menu to choose the colour you prefer


Carrying capacity 500kg (10cwt)
Length of body 1350mm (53")
Width of body 830mm (32")
Depth of body 400mm (16")
Wheel size 15/600 x 6 with bearings
Overall width 1150mm (45")
Weight 38kg

Total end to end distance from draw bar to end of trailer - 1800mm 

Distance form end of draw bar to the back of the pull release handle at back of trailerr - 430mm

Made in the UK


Thu 18-02-2016

Long lasting

I have had one of your quality trailers for 40 years which is why i'm buying another one.

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ATV Plastic bodied trailer SCH-QPTP

ATV Plastic bodied trailer SCH-QPTP