Tractor Cab - All Weather Cab


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Scotland: £168.00
Highlands: £216.00

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Don't get wet, join the foton set! The best quality in class 28hp tractor cab range starts here with this fully weather proof cab.

Top spec. Custom fit unit featuring:

This brilliant "on or off" weather cab design consists of segmental three part cab for easy on the spot changes to meet fast altering weather conditions.........In fact the first truly "convertible" tractor cab!

How it works:

First segment is the roof section which clamps on the roll cage to rear and can be removed, allowing roll cage to be lowered for orchard or tree working, or for low obstacle or working in restricted space buildings. (no conventional fixed cab design does this or can be so flexible.!)

The second segment is the front full screen wind shield section, which easily attaches or detaches for security, to the roof segment and front binnacle.

The screen is the best protection against all the normal exterior elements. New levels of ride comfort are attained while retaining true "convertible " status, and high all round visibility.

The third segment is the cover all weather proof hood . This simply rolls over the roof and connects to the exterior cab. The coverall has 2 zipping side doors to left and right for entry and exit, plus a third zipper door to rear for access to the implement area. The roll up doors are retained by straps.

This three part cab is designed to fit all front bonnet lifting foton 28hp estates both 2 and 4 wheel drive models. It can be retro fitted easily or can be fitted by us at benye foton. All new fotons in this model range have the cab option.

Why not step into the dry for a change and step up to foton!

Choose from:

  • All Weather Cab

This cab Is the Same style but Larger than the Small Tractor Cab shown above and fits most tractors of 35 HP upwards. Three removable segments for easy fat fit and fast removal or any or all segments as needed (and according to the weather !!)


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Tractor Cab - All Weather Cab

Tractor Cab - All Weather Cab