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EV-N-SPRED® Flex Select F80 Professional 36Kg High Output Spreader


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Scotland: £20.40
Highlands: £26.40

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EarthWay EV-N-SPRED® Flex Select F80 Professional 36Kg High Output Spreader

The Earthway Ev-n-Spred FlexSelect F80H is a high-output commercial broadcast spreader with a 36kg capacity hopper and designed to ensure extremely accurate application, ease of operation and a long working lifetime. The F80H features a diamond design epoxy powder-coated chassis and is supplied with a blue Ev-n-Spred FlexSelect high output tray with oscillating agitator.

Works best with

  • Dry Grit or rock Salt *****
  • Processed Salt *****
  • Ice Melts *****
  • Fertilisers & Seed *****


  • 36L Hopper
  • High Output 2 hole drop for winter applications
  • Will carry up to 40kg
  • No 'sticky cables to rust when applying salt.
  • For year round use
  • Interchangeable tray system
  • Large footprint for turf or grip on ice
  • High speed gearbox
  • Twin tube Professional Epoxy coated Painted chassis
  • 33cm diameter wide tyres
  • High output tray for rock salt
  • Up to 8 metre spread width
  • Ergonomic upper handle for easy control
  • Tee handle lever & gauge rate control with adjustable solid linkage 

Optional extra

  • Standard Output Tray and Dual Port PRO Adjustable Shut off is available as extra
  • Please use the drop-down menu to add option you prefer

High Output

Specifically designed for applying large granular materials - rock salt, sand - the High output tray has a nEW exclusive oscillating agitator integrated into the shut off system.

This improves the flow of difficult to spread materials. 

Intelligent design provides new unique agitation system.

Multi season - multi use - all year round professional and commercial spreaders for accurate application


The SIDESPRED-CONTROL eliminates the need to use a deflector kit, which can result in uneven and excessive application, to prevent material from being spread into flower beds or turfed areas.

Features in details


50% Wider Spread Pattern


Unique Vertical agitation


High-output Delivery Syste

Spreadability chart



Grit has little ice or snow melting properties and only provides grip for vehicles. often bagged and has a sandy texture. Very difficult to spread with any pedestrian spreader due to high moisture content and texture.

Spreadability - average when dry


Rock Salt

road Salt has a gritty appearance but it is not “grit”. the salt works by lowering the freezing point of moisture on the road surface and needs to be crushed by the traffic and dissolve to be effective. Is less effective below -5°C and has virtually no effect below -10°C.

Spreadability - good when dry


Processed Salt

Processed white de-icing salt is of a higher purity and therefore does not leave the muddy residue associated with rock salt and grit

Spreadability - excellent when dry


Ice Melts

designed and manufactured for effective performance at a greater range of temperatures, Ice melt products are free flowing and consistent in appearance and often non corrosive to spreading equipment.

Spreadability - excellent


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EV-N-SPRED® Flex Select F80 Professional 36Kg High Output Spreader

EV-N-SPRED® Flex Select F80 Professional 36Kg High Output Spreader