9” PTO Log Saw



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Highlands: £156.00

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The 9" PTO Driven Log Saw is excellent at cutting thick logs anywhere in the forest, estate or anywhere the tractor will take you.


  • Blade = 700mm - Tungsten tips
  • Rotation speed = 540rpm
  • Max log length = 914mm/36" (3ft)
  • Max cutting Ø = 240mm/9"
  • Must be used with PTO over run shaft
  • Comes with PTO shaft (2762)
  • For use with tractors over 18HP/12KW
  • CE approved
  • Weight (approx) = 182kg
  • Box dia (L x W x H) = 1120 x 800 x 1250mm
  • Adjustable log carrier

Operating manual

  • When operating the log saw place both hands on the outer handle.
  • Always operate the machine on firm and flat standing ground, this will ensure a safe operating environment, and the machine will perform efficiently when cutting logs.
  • Always use protective clothing when operating this machine such as gloves, eye protection, protective headwear, ear protection and safety boots.
  • Always use suitable clothes that are not loose fitting that could get caught in the moving parts of the machine.
  • Only one person at a time should operate the machine and the operator should ensure that any person or persons are clear and are in a safe position when the machine is working.
  • Connect the PTO (PN. 2762) Shaft to the log saw and then the tractor.
  • Ensure the PTO shaft has an overrun clutch.
  • Start the tractor engine first and be certain the PTO shaft is operating properly.
  • The log bench should be fully open ensuring that the blade is enclosed.
  • Load the log onto the bench to your preferred cutting width and place both hands onto the outer handle bar.
  • Push towards the blade and fully pull back before handling the log.
  • When fully pulled back the blade will be enclosed again. Ensure this happens before removing the log and repeating the process.

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9” PTO Log Saw

9” PTO Log Saw