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Meyer Blaster 350S


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Scotland: £84.00
Highlands: £108.00

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Tailgate or trailer mounted Salt and Grit Spreader

The Meyer Blaster 350s and 750s spreaders are the professional tailgate or trailer mounted spreaders. Easy to use and ideal for many small to large sized jobs from car parks to roads. For driver convenience, the Blaster range quick-attach to special mounts on your existing tow hitch or special adaptation for the tailgate. Hitches can also be provided to attach the spreader to forklift truck, ATV, tractor, mower, loader, loading bed or virtually any type of prime mover with a sufficient 12v power supply.

The Blaster's unique 1/2hp, direct drive motor is rated at up to 70amps of surge power to grind through those annoying chunks of salt or sand. This direct drive system applies the torque directly to the auger. A standard vibrator system helps to keep the material free flowing. A special illuminated controller provides in cab speed variation, blast mode, auto vibrate and auto spinner stop mode. Suitable for spreading different materials.

  • 160kg capacity with spreading width of 1-6 metres.
  • Lightweight polythene hopper for corrosion resistance and durability.
  • 12v heavy duty electric motor 1/2hp.
  • A standard vibrator motor is fitted to aid the free flowing of more difficult materials.
  • Variable speed in-cab controller with blast function, to help break up material.
  • Auto vibrate and auto spinner stop mode to reduce wasted material at junctions.
  • Variable speed in cab controller.
  • Meyer quick-attach system.
  • Other options available
  • Our plough and spreader mounts have been awarded TV certification.


  • Spreads Salt, sand and other free flowing materials.
  • A range of installation options for use on many vehicles.
  • Unique explosion proof 1/2 hp motor, rated up to 70 amps of surge power to grind through chunks of salt with direct drive to the auger.
  • Light weight Polyethylene hopper for corrosion resistance and durability.
  • Vibrator kit as standard allows spreading of 50/50 blends of salt/sand or sand only. (includes extended auger, vibrator, mounting plate, baffle plate and harness).
  • Flow gate control to allow manual adjustment of material flow.


  • Spreader rear lights (work light and brake light).
  • Optional motor guard to protect the motor.
  • Salt screen for breaking up lumps of salt.
  • Damp material agitator


We're so confident of the quality built into every Blaster, we back them with the industry's best warranty. The competition offers a one-year warranty, while Blasters are backed with three years of standard protection, and five years on all structural steel and hopper (you must register your new Blaster to activate years three to five)

3 Point Linkage Mount

Flat Bed Mount

Motor Guard

Hopper Screen

Tow Bar Hitch

3 Point linkage Mounted 3 Point linkage Mounted

Towbar Mounted Towbar Mounted

Motor Guard Motor Guard

Controller Controller


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Meyer Blaster 350S

Meyer Blaster 350S