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Subsoiler, Ripper & Pipe Layer SRPL1 - 45mm pipe diameter



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Scotland: £96.00
Highlands: £132.00

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Subsoiler, Ripper & Pipe Layer SRPL1 - 45mm pipe diameter

Our ripper and pipe layer is perfect for laying pipes or cabling around paddocks or fields, for pipes up to 4.5cm. The SRPL1 glides smoothly through a variety of ground types. Ripper adjustable height settings 18-24 inches.

Features include

  • Benefiting from both a soil ripper and pipe layer the SRPL1 is a handy piece of kit for laying cable with a diameter up to 45mm
  • Recommended for compact tractors with 15 - 30 hp the ripper weighs only 45kg
  • Why spend £’s on hiring a mini digger to lay water pipe or electrical cable when you can buy the SRLP1 for less than hire cost
  • Our ripper and pipe layers are ideal for use around smallholdings laying water pipe or armoured cable, the attachment benefits from being both quick and easy to use
  • The SRPL1 subsoiler and pipe layer is perfect for flexible pipe or cabling up to 4.5cm in size. The ripper can physically go down 24 inches but the achieved depth depends on the power of tractor and soil type
  • Usual operating depth is 18 inches this depends on soil type and tractor size. Measurement from lower linkage to ripper foot 24 inches
  • Maximum diameter of pipe or cable being laid depends on it’s flexibility, please call for guidance if unsure compact tractors.
  • These are very well constructed and made to last with a heavy duty steel

Step by step guide how to use SRPL1

  1. Feed the pipe into the pipe layer
  2. Lower the ripper into the ground
  3. Move forward whilst feeding the pipe
  4. When finished lift ripper & cut pipe to size
  5. Run over any lumps or bumps with your tractor tyres


MODEL SRPL1 Standard  
Dimensions (D x W x H)) 650 x 600 x 980mm   
Structure weight 45kg  
Max diameter of pipe 50mm  
Power required 15+ hp  

All equipment is fully CE compliant and tested in our workshops. All items come with 12 months parts warranty.


Mon 10-06-2019

Pipe layer

Service was fast.

The pipe layer is an excellent piece of kit. I was sceptical at first, but it really is as easy as it looks on the video.

We had to lay 55m of water pipe in a tough mix of heavy soil with plenty of large rocks. (Local stone) An earlier job nearby took a day and half with a bobcat, this job took less than 20 minutes (!)

The only slight issue we found was when we hit a ‘large’ rock. We raised the plough slightly to pass over the top and then continue, but due to the way the tractor linkage works, it takes a few feet to return to full plough depth. This didn’t really present too much of a problem, it just means the pipe is only about 6 in deep in some places.

Great product

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Subsoiler, Ripper & Pipe Layer SRPL1 - 45mm pipe diameter

Subsoiler, Ripper & Pipe Layer SRPL1 - 45mm pipe diameter