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Mole Plough / Single subsolier



England/Wales: £82.80
Scotland: £130.80
Highlands: £178.80

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Mole Plough - SINGLE Leg

This machine is the same as the sub soiler but with a round foot instead of a share.
The headstock and it has 2 depth settings
  • 1 to work up to 300mm deep
  • The other 40mm deep
In addition to these setting you can of course use the 3 point linkage arms to lower the item precisely to the depth you require. 3 height positions with pulling ring.
Our design has an addition of a shear bolt, extremely well built and designed to last forever. BRITISH made.




Mon 10-06-2019


Delivered promptly and has proved to be very effective at creating good drainage. Even in our extremely stony ground it coped admirably.

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Mole Plough / Single subsolier

Mole Plough / Single subsolier