LR-150 Land Roller - Ball Hitch


England/Wales: £36.00
Scotland: £36.00
Highlands: £36.00

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The 1.5m Land Roller is perfect for maintenance of lawns, paddocks and pitches. Whether you tow them behind a compact tractor, a 4x4, or an ATV, land rollers will firm up the soil after a hard winter, and improve soil/root contact to enhance spring growth.

Need more weight? No problem – just add water! The roller weigh up to 550kg when completely filled, and with a choice of clevis or ball hitch, you’re ready to roll!


  • Ballastable land roller for maintaining turf
  • 1.5m width
  • Choice of clevis or ball hitch
  • Adjustable scraper bar


Width 1.5m
Empty weight 200kg
Filled weight 550kg
Drum diameter 560mm


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LR-150 Land Roller - Ball Hitch

LR-150 Land Roller - Ball Hitch