Quad ATV Weed Wiper Range

Quad ATV Weed Wiper Range

At Smallholder Equipment we can provide almost anything for your Quad.We believe we provide the best value for money for Quad ATV Weed Wiper Range: Weed Destroyer, Wipeout and Exterminator.Have a look at our great range ready to buy now. Choose from the boxes below.Call us to help you choose the...
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50L Eliminator Tank - On Board
£534.60 inc VAT

Eliminator Weed Wiper Upgrade Kit - Eliminator to Winged Eliminator
£1,397.25 inc VAT

2.3m Eliminator Weed Wiper
£2,302.43 inc VAT

2.4m Weed Wiper
£2,964.00 inc VAT

Weed Destroyer Without Tank
£2,999.88 inc VAT

4.3m Eliminator Weed Wiper - Winged
£3,638.93 inc VAT

Xterminator 2
£4,344.60 inc VAT

Wipeout 2 ELITE - Dual Roller
£5,520.84 inc VAT

1.5m/5ft ATV POWER SHREDDER MOWER - 18HP v-twin, electric start
£8,364.72 inc VAT

Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items