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MF350 UTV Monted Livestock Feeder


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MF350 UTV Monted Livestock Feeder

MF350 UTV Mounted Livestock Feeder / Sheep Snacker is the perfect tool for feeding sheep, cattle and other livestock in a easy and effective manner, for fitment in UTV or 4×4 pickup bed.

The MF350 Mounted Stock Feeder (Sheep Snacker) is an electric drive spaced-drop feeder designed for fitment into a UTV or 4×4 pickup bed. Featuring fully galvanised all-steel construction & electronic operation with high-visibility digital counter ensure the right amount of feed is dispensed, exactly where you want it. Simple fitment into most popular UTV’s, with drop deflection to allow use with a trailer.

MF350 Mounted Sheep Snacker Feeder

Don’t mess around with bagged feed and troughs, the MF350 Livestock Feeder / Sheep Snacker allows you to drop the right amount of feed in the right place each time. Drop size is variable from 0.5kg to 2kg (approx), and drop spacing is controlled by the forward speed of the UTV or 4×4. Based on the same running gear as the TF350 Trailed feeder, the drive system and electronics are tried and tested. Furthermore the control module is interchangeable bewteen mounted and trailed models! The digital counter ensure you know exactly how much has been deposited, and allows you to focus on checking stock condition. Operable as either a count-up timer, from o drops upwards, or as a countdown counter, whereby the desired number of drops is set, and the machine will deposit exactly that amount of feed, simply and reliably each and every time. Simple design, quality construction, and galvanised finish for a long lasting, reliable machine.

Electronic Drive

The electronic drive system on the MF350 & TF350 stock feeder has few moving parts, and only rotates when in operation, reducing wear and tear, and allowing towing over longer distances. All electronic components are IP67 rated, for use in the toughest conditions. Operation is simple even when wearing thick winter gloves, and the large , brightly backlit display is easy to read even in the worst conditions. The countdown function is ideal for reliably dropping exactly the right amount of feed and freeing the operator to focus solely on checking stock condition. The control unit when off consumes minimal power, so will not flatten batteries if hard-wired onto the towing vehicle.


The MF350 Mounted sheep snacker by Chapman Machinery is designed to be exceptionally strong, yet lightweight enough for use in wet, wintery conditions. The fully galvanisd hopper is made from robust 2mm folded steel, for strength yet without being excessively heavy – the entire MF350 weighs around 90kg when empty, allowing you the full 300kg max feed capacity (depending on UTV load limits)! The drop deflector allows use with a trailer, depositing the feed on the clean ground between the wheels of the towing vehicle and trailer (if used with a trailer).


  • 300 Litre capacity galvanised steel hopper (approx 250kg feed)
  • PVC tonneau covers & electronic control box as standard
  • Fully galvanised, robust construction

Optional equipment to add

  • Additional Control Box – Additional control box to allow machine to be used on an additional towing vehicle without swapping the control electrics over – ideal if the feeder is used on multiple vehicles, eg. ATV and 4×4. Interchangeable with controls for towed TF350 version.
  • Please use the drop-down menu to add the control box


Max Length 892mm (body) / 1120mm (with dispenser)
Max Width (Standard) 1180
Max. Height 595mm (feeder) / 705mm (with lid) / 1090 (with dispenser)
Approx. Mass 90kg (Unladen)
Drops per minute 25
Drop size 0.25-2kg (min / max may be limited by feed type)
Supply Voltage 13.8V Nominal [10v / 18v (min / max)]
13.8V Nominal [10v / 18v (min / max)]/td> -15/+50°C (min/max)
Incorrect Polarity Protection Yes
Overload Thermal Rest Time 30 seconds


MF350 UTV Monted Livestock Feeder

MF350 UTV Monted Livestock Feeder
MF350 UTV Monted Livestock Feeder


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MF350 UTV Monted Livestock Feeder

MF350 UTV Monted Livestock Feeder