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ATV Mini Manure Spreader



England/Wales: £48.00
Scotland: £60.00
Highlands: £72.00

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ATV Mini Manure Spreader

The new Quad/ATV Mini manure spreader is perfect for equestrians and smallholders.

Its lightweight yet robust design is simple and effective. Simply attach to your ATV, fill with manure, tow it to where you like to spread then flip the engagement lever located on each wheel to engage the spreading drum.

If you are turning a lot whilst spreading then you would only engage one wheel (the opposite side that you are turning) and for straight line spreading with slightly heavier loads you would engage both wheels.

You can adjust the spreader discharge but simply using the adjustment bolts located underneath the spreader.

This unit arrives in a protective box with only minimal assembly.


  • 50mm Ball hitch
  • Large tyres
  • Dual wheel spreading drum engagement
  • Easy stored

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ATV Mini Manure Spreader

ATV Mini Manure Spreader