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Grass Topper Finishing Mower 4ft


England/Wales: £96.00
Scotland: £144.00
Highlands: £192.00

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A Finishing And Topper Mower All In One


  • Excellent fully adjustable links.
  • Versatile, adjusts & fits almost any tractor.
  • Robust construction with jungle buster blades.
  • Choice of having slip clutch pto or sheer pin pt (powerful protection slip clutch shown in red livery photos)

Our wheeled bush cutting toppers and Double bladed finishing mowers ride and glide over your grass.

These toppers do not drag on side sledge rails , which may mark your grass.

They ride on the extra rear castor jockey wheel this allows you to spin round at end of paddocks without lifting up the deck.

This topper is available in 1.2m and 1.5m sizes.

Our grass topper blades have hand forged blades and are really very tough. Plus all have a heavy gear box design. Our toppers are warranted to cut all grass, bramble and even brush wood up to 1" diameter. 

Cuts down to 1inch and long grass 1ft high,  longer grass can be cut by lifting the machine higher on the hydraulics and cutting down in stages.


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  • Can you offer a new service to increase income and can't afford to buy machinery / products upfront?

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Grass Topper Finishing Mower 4ft

Grass Topper Finishing Mower 4ft