PTO Driven Log Splitters

Contractor Vertical Fixed Log Splitter 16T PTO or Electric Driven


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Scotland: £102.00
Highlands: £120.00

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Contractor series vertical (CV) tractor PTO, three phase electric or hydraulic powered log splitters are simple and robust units designed to use on either machines with oil flows in excess of 50 litres/min or tractor PTO operation for guaranteed maximum performance.

The chassis is constructed from a single box beam with replaceable bearing plates which ensures that any twisting force applied to the axe is not transferred to the ram. On PTO driven units the large central column also acts as the oil reservoir providing the perfect shape for quick and efficient oil cooling even in heavy work conditions. Two adjustable legs keep the machine stable on uneven ground.

Standard splitting forces of 12,16 and 22 tons and a maximum splitting length of 1.1 metres (3”10”). These machines are ideal for both billeting large diameter logs with the floor mounted table and with their swinging high level table and adjustable return height they also split smaller rings quickly and easily.

A simple twin handle control gives maximum safety, a two speed control valve keeps the job as fast as possible and the axe automatically returns once the log has been cut, the return height is easily set to avoid wasted travel time.

Standard maximum log length is 110 cms (45). Longer models are available, 125 cms (4’2”) on 12 and 16 ton machines and 140cms (5’) on 22 ton models.

The specially designed axe head allows minimum power for the initial split followed by a wide head to open the log in the shortest time. The machine can be further enhanced with the optional 4 way splitting cross wedge.

As the 16 and 22 ton models can deal with material much heavier than the operator can lift these models can be specified with a log lifting arm (axe or independently operated or a 20 metre winch system.


Model (and splitting power) 12T 16T 22T
Max length of log (cm) 110 or 125 110 or 125 110 or 140
Power source PTO, 3 phase electric, Hyd Yes Yes Yes
Auto return splitting ram Yes Yes Yes
Cross wedge Option Option Option
Swinging table Yes Yes Yes
Log lifter or winch No Option Option

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Contractor Vertical Fixed Log Splitter 16T PTO or Electric Driven

Contractor Vertical Fixed Log Splitter 16T PTO or Electric Driven