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ATV Powered Trailed Strimmer



England/Wales: £120.00
Scotland: £150.00
Highlands: £180.00

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ATV Powered Trailed Strimmer

Our strimmer has been developed for use under fences and electric fencers, under solar panels, along laneways and verges and around trees. It allows the user to keep at a safe distance from any debris and clippings, getting the job done from the seat of their ATV.

Key features include

Wheels - it runs on 15x6x6 wheels, making it easy to tow and easy to get to where the work needs done.

Deck - the deck can pivot at the centre of the frame allowing greater access to hard to reach areas while a protection bar protects the deck.

Briggs & Stratton engine - our strimmer is fitted with a 7.5hp Briggs & Stratton engine and easily detachable panels for maintenance. It also comes ith a safety cut off cord.

50mm ball hitch - Designed to fit on any ATV this novel machine attaches easily to any quad. An adjustable drawbar makes it suitable for different vehicles equipped with a 50mm tow ball.

Adjustable cutting height & diameter - The cutting diameter and cutting height is easily adjusted to suit the job at hand.

Special cutting cord - The special cord has serrations along its length for impressive cutting to tackle overgrown areas that would traditionally be tidied up using a strimmer.

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ATV Powered Trailed Strimmer

ATV Powered Trailed Strimmer