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Towed Pro Collector - 1220mm wide


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Towed Pro Collector - 1220mm wide

The Towed Collector series offer you an efficient solution to collecting horse manure, alpaca manure, goose faeces, tree nuts and other debris and will give you unprecedented productivity, while saving you hours of backbreaking work.


The brushes rotate when the machine is pulled along.

The 1220mm wide pickup and easy-to-empty 500 litre (130 gallon) catching hopper means you can fit approx. 3-4 wheelbarrow loads in before you need to empty.

This little machine is suitable for anything up to 15/20 horses or alpacas. Hitch the collector 1220 to your ATV, quad bike or small tractor and you are ready to tidy your pastures the easy way.

The large chunky tires gives the 1220 the traction to drive the brushes, and will be effective in pastures up to 4”-5” (125mm) long. If you don’t like fuelling another engine or having to deal with motors, the 1220 is the machine for you.

It is our most ‘green’ machine which is also the simplest. Even without an engine, the 1220 is 8x faster than a typical vacuum machine. This is due to its constant collection system not requiring you to start and stop at each manure pile, just drive over it and the manure disappears – it’s that simple.

Because of the constant sweeping motion of the brushes, it also removes the thatch and dead grass from your pasture – something a vacuum does not do. By removing this, it promotes live grass growth and allows the pasture to gain more of the needed nutrients and sunlight to survive.

Main features include

Our collector machines are easy to tow, using a standard ball and hitch coupling system that is compatible with ATV’s, 4 wheelers and most other trucks and stable vehicles. Simply attach it to your tow bar and you’re ready to collect. The collector will also remove thatch to improve the quality of your grass.


No engine means no refuelling and minimal maintenance required.

Fast & Efficient

The collector allows fast, efficient and chemical free control of your horse’s worm and parasite burden – completely clean 1⁄2 acre in just 25 minutes!

Reduces Parasites

It is very important to remove the manure from the field to break the parasite cycle and minimise the re-ingestion of the worms.

Build Quality

Construction is made from 3mm thick, high grade steel which is zinc sprayed and then powdercoated. The hopper is made from UV resistant plastic.


Collection width 1220mm (48 inches)
Collection Capacity 500 litres (132 gallons)
Engine None
Brush Drive System Chain Drive from Wheel Traction
Jockey Wheel Optional
Electric Key Start N/A
Dimensions/Size ( L x W x H) 2.1 x 1.9 x 1.0m (7’ x 6’2” x 3’3”)
Weight 190kg (420lbs)
Tow Hitch 50mm Coupling

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Towed Pro Collector - 1220mm wide


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Towed Pro Collector - 1220mm wide

Towed Pro Collector - 1220mm wide