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BATTERY RAM Leaf & Litter Vacuum Collector



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BATTERY RAM Leaf & Litter Vacuum Collector

The Battery Ram is a Self Propelled Battery Driven Leaf Vacuum & Litter Collector Designed For High Performance - No fumes with zero emissions that can be used indoors and out!

  • The Battery Ram is a self propelled battery powered leaf and litter collector designed for people that can’t use fuel, have noise issues or both.

Being battery powered there are also no fumes which is a big advantage for anyone trying to reduce their carbon footprint.

  • The batteries power a heavy duty motor that in turn spins a steel impeller that creates enough suction to pick up large objects such as glass bottles. As objects pass through the impeller they are also mulched which in turn helps get much more debris into the bag.
  • Available with an optional wander hose kit for getting smaller debris such as ‘stub-ends’ out of hard to reach areas this is a very versatile machine. Also there is substantially less maintenance and servicing to be carried out as there is no traditional combustion engine.


Output 1,500W
Dimensions (L x W x H) 1550 x 770 x 1240mm
Engine Speed 300rm
Weight 170kg
Motor Self Propelled
Voltage 24v
Amp Hour 150Ah
Suction Power 54.60m³/Min
Noise level 71.5dB(A)
Capacity 250ltr
Run time 2hrs
Charge time 12hrs

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BATTERY RAM Leaf & Litter Vacuum Collector

BATTERY RAM Leaf & Litter Vacuum Collector