Paddock Cleaners / Sweepers

Paddock Cleaners / Sweepers

At Smallholder Equipment we can provide almost anything for paddock and field.We believe we provide the best value for money for Paddock Cleaners: Leaf Blower, Power Sweeper, Powered Scarifier,Equestrian Powered Brush, Terra Vac Colt, towed sweeper and many more.Have a look at our great range...
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Sovema TRIS Flail/Scarifier with collection - TRIS L 120
£9,374.00 inc VAT

2.6m Dragone VOGT Flail Mower - VOGT260
£10,294.61 inc VAT

2.8m Dragone VOGT Flail Mower - VOGT280
£10,786.68 inc VAT

3m Dragone VOGT Flail Mower - VOGT300
£11,239.91 inc VAT

Dung Beetle Paddock Cleaner - PTO Driven and Semi-mounted 1.8m
£11,538.91 inc VAT

3.2m Dragone VOGT Flail Mower - VOGT320
£12,042.76 inc VAT

Terra Vac Stud 29, 2.9 CU Metres
£12,800.00 inc VAT

Showing 67 - 73 of 73 items