Paddock Cleaners / Sweepers

Paddock Cleaners / Sweepers

At Smallholder Equipment we can provide almost anything for paddock and field.We believe we provide the best value for money for Paddock Cleaners: Leaf Blower, Power Sweeper, Powered Scarifier,Equestrian Powered Brush, Terra Vac Colt, towed sweeper and many more.Have a look at our great range...
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Westermann GXV Honda Moss Brush with Deep Drum and GXV 160 OHV Engine
£1,928.00 inc VAT

BM-180 CMAX Push Broom with Side Arms 1.83m / 72"
£1,934.52 inc VAT

Westermann Honda GXV 160 Tennis Court Brush
£2,020.00 inc VAT

BM-240 CMAX Push Broom with Side Arms 2.44m / 96"
£2,193.24 inc VAT

Westermann GXV 160 OHV Engine Honda Weed Ripper
£2,210.00 inc VAT

Cubb Weed Brush with Steel Brush Head
£2,390.00 inc VAT

Powered Bush Sweeper
£2,390.00 inc VAT

Powered Moss Sweeper
£2,390.00 inc VAT

Large Capacity Trailed Collector - SCH TRCL
£2,528.42 inc VAT

Electric Powered Sprayer - SCH EPBS
£2,646.34 inc VAT

Professional Leaf Suction Unit - SCH PSU
£2,700.70 inc VAT

Equestrian Powered Brush - SCH EPB
£2,790.00 inc VAT

PC500H Plus Paddock Vacuum Cleaner
£2,792.40 inc VAT

£2,917.20 inc VAT

Westermann Ride-On Compact Tractor without Hydraulic
£3,100.00 inc VAT

Sweeper Power Brush
£3,336.84 inc VAT

Professional Leaf Suction Unit - Road Legal Towed Version- SCH PSUFT
£3,419.19 inc VAT

Sweeper - 1.3m - 16hp
£3,474.86 inc VAT

Hard Surface Powered Sweeper
£3,574.84 inc VAT

PC500H Swivel Vacuum Paddock Cleaner
£3,817.20 inc VAT

Sweeper - 1.8m - 24hp
£3,961.15 inc VAT

Towed Mini Collector - 700mm wide
£4,047.90 inc VAT

Showing 23 - 44 of 76 items