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Muck Junior Spreader 0.63m³ (5 barrows-fulls)



England/Wales: £204.00
Scotland: £222.00
Highlands: £240.00

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Muck Junior Spreader 0.63m³ (5 barrows-fulls)

An affordable solution to avoid the need for a contractor and damage to the ground from large machinery. Allows muck to be spread regularly to avoid the need for a huge muck pile. Galvanised for long life and fitted with floatation tyres. Complete with a 10HP Briggs & Stratton engine and gear box. 5 barrow capacity.

The daily task of Mucking out outhouse and stables can quickly become an unwelcome chore. We have developed a range of Muck Spreaders to help you avoid huge muck piles.

It is handy, cost effective and will allow you to spread your own manure, avoiding the need for a contractor, which can be expensive and often cause damage to the ground when heavy machinery is used.

Features include

  • Galvanised Body for long life and durability
  • Muck can be shovelled directly into the Muck spreader avoiding extra shovelling
  • Capacity of 0.63m³ (5 barrows-fulls)

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This item cannot be delivered using tail lift and pallet truck due to its size.

Before ordering this item the customer must ensure they can unload from the delivery driver using their own forklift, loader or telehandler equipment, or have it delivered nearby to someone that does.

Delivery time on this item is estimated at 3 weeks.

Made in the UK

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Muck Junior Spreader 0.63m³ (5 barrows-fulls)

Muck Junior Spreader 0.63m³ (5 barrows-fulls)