Harrow & Roller Combination Packages

42in Heavy Roller - SCH HGR


England/Wales: £48.00
Scotland: £60.00
Highlands: £72.00

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The large diameter roller is shaft mounted onto the frame with 25mm bearings. A scraper blade is fitted to the mounting frame to prevent a build up of earth etc. on the roller face. The roller may be water ballasted for extra weight. There are two filling/emptying points situated at each end of the roller to make the filling and emptying task a simple operation.


  • Working width: 1060mm (42")
  • Diameter: 450mm (18")
  • Weight unballasted: 35kg (70lbs) approx.
  • Water ballasted: 222kg (490lbs) approx.

Optional Extras

  • 50mm Ball Hitch Attachment

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42in Heavy Roller - SCH HGR

42in Heavy Roller - SCH HGR