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14ft Trailed Harrow with Folding Wings



England/Wales: £54.00
Scotland: £84.00
Highlands: £114.00

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14ft Trailed Fixed Harrow, 5ft Deep with Folding Wings. 11mm Tine

Our range of Folding Trailed Fixed Chain Harrows are designed to cover all applications from large farms to small holdings. Folding Trailed Fixed Chain Harrows are manufactured from 11mm diameter high quality high carbon steel which ensures that the harrow is extremely strong with high resistance to wear.

Folding Trailed Chain Harrows are available in widths from 10ft-0" through to 20ft-0" and can be supplied either complete with drawbar or sections only.

Grass Harrows have shown over the last century how versatile they are in the farming industry which is why there is still a large market place for this type of equipment.

Reasons for harrowing include:

  • Pasture renovation; breaking up and levelling heavy soil.
  • Root aeration; for better water infiltration and growth.
  • Works in fertiliser to both spread and maximize effectiveness.
  • Surface levelling in equestrian centres, race tracks, and running tracks.
  • Stimulates growth by aerating and loosening thatch.
  • Environmentally friendly grass care.
  • Excellent for ripping out moss, spreading manure, and levelling mole holes.
  • The robust design of the tines embodies strength throughout.

Please Note: Price Includes Mat, Drawbar & Chain


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14ft Trailed Harrow with Folding Wings

14ft Trailed Harrow with Folding Wings

11mm tines | 5' deep | 14' wide | Fixed folding trailed