Feeding Equipment

Feeding Equipment

At Smallholder Equipment we can provide almost anything for your livestock and field equipment.We believe we provide the best value for feeding equipment: triple bucket, round feeder trough, six teat hook over calf feeder, haybell, mobile feed cart, 3 in 1 calf creep feeder, ringfort feeder and...
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Corner Hayrack
£30.10 inc VAT

Corner Haylage Rack
£31.01 inc VAT

One Teat Hook Over Calf Feeder GF01
£35.34 inc VAT

1m Floor Standing Feed Trough - 16L
£39.87 inc VAT

1m Sheep Feeding Trough
£39.87 inc VAT

Wall Haylage Rack
£40.78 inc VAT

Ground Feeder Trough
£41.00 inc VAT

Heavy Duty Corner Hayrack - Galvanised
£43.41 inc VAT

Triple Bucket MB1: Triple Bucket
£50.63 inc VAT

2ft Gate Feed Trough GFT1
£52.44 inc VAT

Double Bucket and option of 2 Teats - DB1 Double Bucket
£52.44 inc VAT

Tyre Bowl
£54.14 inc VAT

2m Floor Standing Feed Trough - 34L
£64.73 inc VAT

2m Sheep Feeding Trough
£64.73 inc VAT

0.5m Hanging Feed Trough - 28L
£65.40 inc VAT

Heavy Duty Wall Hayrack - Galvanised
£78.00 inc VAT

Corri Feed Troughs with Ends - 2.3m x 225mm
£84.99 inc VAT

Multi Purpose Storage Bin - 100ltr
£85.00 inc VAT

2.8m Floor Standing Feed Trough - 54L
£87.22 inc VAT

4ft Gate Feed Trough GFT
£94.03 inc VAT

2m Cattle Feeding Trough - 80L
£104.19 inc VAT

1.5m Hanging Feed Trough - 73L
£118.87 inc VAT

Showing 1 - 22 of 49 items