Chain Harrows for QUAD Bikes

1.5m Wide Grass wheeled Harrow with Pin Hitch - Comes as standard


England/Wales: £72.00
Scotland: £96.00
Highlands: £120.00

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1.5m Wide Grass Harrow

The Grass Harrow offering superior performance to harrow your land.

Spring Tine grass harrows aerates the sward and encourages growth, helps prevent thatch and moss build up. Helpful in distributing and the break up of manure and molehills. Excellent at flattening poached ground after the winter months. When set in the aggressive mode, where the horses have poached gateways and feeding areas during the winter, the area is ready to sow with grass after several passes if need be.

Spring tine grass harrows are extremely effective at removing thatch and moss, far superior to chain harrows. Manoeuvrable, towable from field to paddock and if need be reverse into corners.


  • The wheels are mounted within the frame so you can work up to the fence or hedge line
  • The clever, new Grass Harrow is made with the same precision and care as all our products and built to last
  • Already proving to be very popular with our previous leveller customers who appreciate our build quality. It will transform the way you work your grass, clears moss and dead grass organically, encourages growth, and improves aeration so better quality grass year after year
  • Use with ATV, 4WD Mower, or tractor so is perfect for the equestrian yard and small holdings. Tines are set to optimum angle for best effect, fully adjustable with 5 settings
  • Working width 1.5m
  • Also excellent for spreading droppings so saving time poo-picking
  • Use drop down tab to select the size you require


  • 5 rows of spring tines
  • 5 settings
  • High grade steel
  • Precision engineered
  • Infinite height adjustment
  • Ball, Pin Hitch
  • Female friendly

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1.5m Wide Grass wheeled Harrow with Pin Hitch - Comes as standard

1.5m Wide Grass wheeled Harrow with Pin Hitch - Comes as standard