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Gyro Haymaker - Haylage Rake - Tedder



England/Wales: £84.00
Scotland: £132.00
Highlands: £180.00

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Gyro Haymaker - Haylage Rake - Tedder

The most complete universal Haymaker on the market. It does excellent job in spreading, tedding and windrowing.

The Gyro haymaker provides a high rate performance, very simple operation and sturdy construction.

Our Haymaker is fitted with pneumatic tyres in order to improve ground adherence and obtain a better performance on rough terrain.

Main features

  • By spreading and tedding you can evenly spread hay
  • Raking - at high working speeds you will get a soft and loose swath and precise windrow separation
  • It comes with adjustable Deflectors

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Gyro Haymaker - Haylage Rake - Tedder

Gyro Haymaker - Haylage Rake - Tedder