10ft (3m) Commercial Boom


England/Wales: £42.00
Scotland: £72.00
Highlands: £102.00

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10ft (3m) Commercial Boom

This impressive range is designed for commercial users to be versatile for a number of applications. They are strong and robust to provide many years of service with continuous use.

Features include

  • Minimise drift & Maximise spraying efficiency
  • Nozzles - Precision Nozzles for accurate spraying in most weather conditions. Sprays larger droplets, which are less likely to be affected by the wind. Individual nozzles can be shut off
  • Breakback - Unique Breakback friction plates on 2 planes (Folds back if hits object)
  • Wings - Wings can lift vertically to do ditches, embankments and higher hedges.The wings are made from Stainless steel for strength and corrosion resistance


  • Optional hedge nozzle is available
  • Please call us for further details
  • 12ft Commercial Boom

Made in the UK


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10ft (3m) Commercial Boom

10ft (3m) Commercial Boom