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At Smallholder Equipment we can provide almost anything for paddock and field.

We believe we provide the best value for money for Flail Mowers and Toppers: Flail Mower, ATV power Shredder Mower, Heavy Duty Flail Mower, Compact Rotary ATV Mower and even Extreme Duty Mower, adjustable topper, rear wheeled topper, finishing mower, SG pasture topper, MTL series flail mower, combi collector, 4 metre reach hedge cutter and many more!

Have a look at our great range ready to buy now. Choose from the boxes below.
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Delivery is UK wide, and when adding to the basket the delivery charge is provided.

All our prices include VAT

Topper Mower TSA140 1.4m WideTopper Mower TSA140 1.4m Wide
Octagon Finishing Mower TS100 1m WideOctagon Finishing Mower TS100 1m Wide
Finishing MowerFinishing Mower
Grass Topper Finishing Mower 4 ftGrass Topper Finishing Mower 4 ft
Finishing Mower 1.5m Wide TS150Finishing Mower 1.5m Wide TS150
Topper Mower TSA160 1.6m WideTopper Mower TSA160 1.6m Wide
Topper - TPTopper - TP
Rotary Topper Mower TSB150 1.5m wideRotary Topper Mower TSB150 1.5m wide
Grass Topper Finishing Mower 5ftGrass Topper Finishing Mower 5ft
Finishing Mower -GFinishing Mower -G
Rotary Topper Mower TSB180 1.8m wideRotary Topper Mower TSB180 1.8m wide
Finishing Mower  1.8m Wide  TS180Finishing Mower 1.8m Wide TS180
Heavy Duty Topper RangeHeavy Duty Topper Range
Finishing Mower 6ftFinishing Mower 6ft
Suffolk grass pasture topperSuffolk grass pasture topper
Heavy Duty Topper 4' 6Heavy Duty Topper 4' 6
Finishing Topper 1.2mFinishing Topper 1.2m
Finishing Mower- FMFinishing Mower- FM
Topper Mower TSA180H 1.8m WideTopper Mower TSA180H 1.8m Wide
Heavy Duty Topper 6'Heavy Duty Topper 6'
5ft Topper5ft Topper
Finishing Topper 1.5mFinishing Topper 1.5m
Heavy Duty Flail Mower IL130  1.3m WideHeavy Duty Flail Mower IL130 1.3m Wide
Heavy Duty Flail Mower IL150  1.5m WideHeavy Duty Flail Mower IL150 1.5m Wide
Rotary TillerRotary Tiller
Finishing Topper 1.8mFinishing Topper 1.8m
Heavy Duty Flail Mower IL170  1.7m WideHeavy Duty Flail Mower IL170 1.7m Wide
Heavy Duty Flail ShrederHeavy Duty Flail Shreder
ATV Mower 16hpATV Mower 16hp
EM2 Rotary Finishing MowerEM2 Rotary Finishing Mower
ATV Finishing MowerATV Finishing Mower
Side Shift Flail MowerSide Shift Flail Mower
L Series Flail MowerL Series Flail Mower
Heavy Duty Topper 8'Heavy Duty Topper 8'
Heavy Duty Topper 9'Heavy Duty Topper 9'
FM42 Flail MowerFM42 Flail Mower
Drum MowerDrum Mower
Heavy Duty Topper 12'Heavy Duty Topper 12'
FM48 Heavy Duty Flail MowerFM48 Heavy Duty Flail Mower

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